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      Proportional Representation Society of Australia

      Please click on an image below for PRSA contacts and activities, or to join a PRSA Branch.



      National Society &

      ACT Branch



      New South Wales









      South Australia






      Western Australia


      Effective voting needs proportional representation with single transferable votes (PR-STV)

        DECEMBER 2019

      General growth and success of PR-STV
      search icon Search website here.
      Quota Notes
      If Labor's Bill does remove Victoria's multi-councillor ward option, local democracy will regress 20 years.
      For the improved Senate system story, click on 'New Australian Senate Voting'  3-minute video at right, and on FULL SCREEN.
      Hear PRSA's National Secretary explain, on ABC
      Radio National, the latest Senate voting system.

      Article on party-oriented stage-management of the Senate's PR-STV, but voters do elect senators DIRECTLY, so it lets Australia's voters, if they want, have greater effect on which candidates are elected than indirect MMP or Party Lists, in NZ, Europe, and Latin America, allow.
      Article on Senate
      polls, PRSA view,
      and input to JSCEM
      on voting

      Analysis of earlier Federal and State single-member electorate polls to show likely
      result under the far more representative Hare-Clark PR-STV electoral system

      Vote-counting service for clubs, incorporated associations, etc.


         PR-STV talks Publications PR-STV videos
      PRSA President's website

      Definitions of cá độ bóng đá 88 and of DEMOCRACY.



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